Our studio was open in 2016, with accommodations for 4 tattoo artists, 1 piercing booth, 1 laser removal booth and a sterilisation room.

Exink Tattoo is a tattoo and piercing studio located in Braga, Portugal. With a focused team dedicated to deliver exclusivity and quality in all styles of tattoo. We’re driven by high standards of quality starting with artistic and aesthetics and with high standards of higiene and work safety.


The team feature 3 profissional resident artists. Every once we harbour Guest Artists, all of them with amazing backgrounds and quality.


This collective of artists allow us to keep the exclusivity and quality of our projects on a lot of different styles of tattoo.


We also feature tattoo removal as one of our many services, using state-of-the art technology for the best results.


Exink also has an online shop giving our costumers the chance of acquire all of our products available on our studio in Braga, may it be piercings, aftercare or even Exink merch.



Your Skin Defines You